Common Mistakes Made by Businesses when planning a corporate event

• To much speech
• Lack of Entertainment
• Dress Code

When people go out of their ways to purchase tickets to your event, they have expectations. Value for money is one, YES they want to come and listen to motivational speeches, network, get inspiration etc. Does that mean they want to be bored too?

The answer is NO. They went above and more. After feeding them, speeches during meals, why not entertain them! Entertainment comes in various forms. Find out which goes with your theme.

Add a dress code, something fun, and something they will feel comfortable in. I am tired of seeing people always wearing evening dresses, tuxedos etc. to events. Spice it up.

Guests want to let their hair down, dance the night away, laughs until their stomach hurts. Give them something to remember and forward to.

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